IWRC COVID-19 Response

The entire team at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center as well as all of UNI’s Business and Community Services extends our thanks to fellow service providers for all you are doing to support business and community development efforts. To our Iowa communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations, please know we are here to help, whether through our existing programs or new services we are developing. To help, we have created a webpage with resources and links to help you through these difficult times. 


We are in uncharted territory and must collectively address the changing business, community and environmental needs across Iowa. Below are some of the links that you may find helpful. Reach out to any of our programs if we can assist. If we can’t help you, we will try to find someone who can.

Be safe, stay healthy and we will all get through this together.

Iowa Energy Efficiency Program
free comprehensive, on-site technical assistance
and educational materials for rural Iowa small businesses
for Rural Small Business
Iowa Dental Offices
There is a new EPA regulation to help
prevent mercury, a neurotoxin,
from being discharged into publicly
owned treatment works.
for you?
What does this mean
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Iowa Minor Source Emissions Inventory
Mark Your Calendars!
Due May 15th
free resources and assistance available
your production
The best way to
Industrial Training
Military Training
Custom Program Development
Online Painter Training

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Environmental Consultation and Education

The IWRC is a nationally recognized organization at the University of Northern Iowa devoted to environmental consulting, assistance, training and education for entities with environmental impact or need.

Environmental Compliance Environmental Compliance
Waste Reduction Waste Reduction
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